Writing is the 🎨 painting of the voice.


Just as good rain clears the air, a good writing ✒️clears 📝the psyche.” – Julia Cameron

Celebrating the anniversary of Semperlee Yoga Blog, we will dedícate this page of the menu to any conscious awareness contribution, from any reader who would like to paint the voice by writing helpful information.

If you have anything and would like to share it regards, Mindfulness, Resilience and Yoga, share your draft with your contact information and credentials (optional) to semperleeyoga@icloud.com. 
Guidelines to follow: 

1.  Brief and easy to read, using words you can think of an everyday english equivalent. When using foreign phrases, please provide definition to add at the bottom of the writing as guidance.

2.  Write something that will inspire yourself if you would be on the other side as a reader.

3.  Provide the situation of awareness and at least 3 recommendations or tools of how it can be improved.

4. Be original and provide references if quoting secondary information to sustain the subject.

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The Journey Of The Sixth Sense.

When we conect with our five senses we embrace glory.  We recognize and celebrate, how wonderful our breath is. We active our senses which constitute the sensible world for us.  However there is  another sense-a secret sense, a sixth sense, that we learn how to listen to and pace through the journey of meditation.  That is … Continue reading The Journey Of The Sixth Sense.

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