Keeping an Open Mind and Compassionate Heart with Yoga…

Honoring September as International Month of Yoga, I went back scanning my relationship with yoga and decided to share the most important part of it…

I have to admit that the first time, I took a ride in a Blackhawk (14 years ago) felt like, taking off and leaving beneath my wings, an overwhelming society as well as :

*  Stress from a military subculture (I was trying to fit myself within back then)

*  My mother and the father of my son engaged in a battle against cancer….

*   Not to mention a persistent intention of leading by example by standing in front of a future young man  (my son) able to tell him ” If I pulled it off for Magna Cum Laude College Diploma, you can do it as well”

I had initiated yoga practice during my pregnancy, to which I was in debt for teaching me how to breathe and bring the person I love the most to this world.

Although I was grateful to Yoga, still was not mature enough to understand and appreciate its wonderful benefits. 

I was mistaken with an illusion of needing more cardio such as running, kick boxing or anything that would make me sweat or blow out my heart from adrenaline everyday for hours and afterwards ending reactive, drained (physically and emotionally).

To worsen the scenario never getting what I was looking for, “The Quest For My True Self” as the outcome of making peace with my imperfections.

I needed to forgive, heal, let go and move on.

Also to develop my skills for patience and become less expecting from the Universe. Go with the flow when required ( which sincerely I’m still working on) as much as several of many asanas from this practice, I’m aware have a little work to do.

The blissful from the gift of my son’s arrival and flashback of completing a 12 miles Road March, carrying 50 pounds of military training equipment (insanely in pain with a pelvic fracture) were linked to the words Breathe and Yoga.

Pretty enough to reengage and reconcile my relationship with Yoga.

With upmost respect to anyone that might think or even say  “Yoga saved my life” that did not happened to me. 

Actually, it provided me mindfulness by grounding and live into the present,  to grow up from shell retreat of my love ones (as self-defense mecanism) develop mental flexibility and most important become kind, grateful and humble. 

As mentioned above, September is the National Month of Yoga, enough for me to write about my relationship with it, also to dedicate my article to:

*  God.

* My parents.

*  My son Jean B. La Fontaine for his great work at college, for becoming kind and a humble young man.

*  To the memory of his father for pushing me to become a Motherhood Warrior ( after his departure to heaven).

*  To my ex-husband for teaching my son humbleness and perseverance.

*  To a hard working good friend and Warrior of Life and Medicine,  for telling me once to take away clutter, in order to clear my mind.

*  Belen Canteli for her Healing hands through Reiki.

*  To my fairy Godmother in Yoga and Essential Oils Marta Ortiz and her support to the Military Community.

*  Teresita Ruiz, the healing hands of Dō Terra Essential Oils at Puerto Rico for her support to the Military Community, her Reiki and craniosacral facilitation and devotion to cancer patients.

*  To my Master teacher, my Mentor, my Trainer Lizelle Arzuaga, for receiving me (year an a half ago) during an April’s afternoon at her Yoga training wonderful school, “Samadhi Yoga Institute” and her support to the Military Community.

That afternoon Lizelle’s words to my approach regards my intention of integrating Yoga to military local community were:

“When the student is ready… the teacher will appear”

Honey, embrace it and begin your Teacher’s  Training, for some reason you are here.

Last but not least: 

To any practicioner that had seated on a mat to  support my intention of Providing Mindfulness to Warriors , First Responders and Dependents,  at Buchanan. Every day, they as well are my teachers.

Below I will provide a brief (informal )information of the posture I choose to release my Anahata Chakra (4th Chakra) what doesn’t serve me transformed into loving Life Force.

 Ustrasana/ Camel Pose

Heart openner for Anahata (4th Chakra)


*  Deeply arches the sacral/ lumbar spine and opens the top of the tights, provides some opening in the ankles.

*  Stretches the hip flexors and opens the shoulders; excellent for drooping shoulders or hunched backs”


*  Elderly and those with spinal injuries can try carefully this pose (disregard, seek for medical advice if fitting into this category

*   If you have any neck issues, do not drop your head back; keep the chin to the chest.

Getting into the pose:

Sit on your heels, standing on your knees hold your hands on your hips. Inhale ( Mouth closed, tongue touching roof of it and frontal teeth) keeping your hips forward arch your back. This could be unsuitable for people with back problems, because there is little support from the hands in this version. Instead do below other version.

Sit on your heels, inhale deeply through your nose ( Mouth closed, tongue touching roof of it and frontal teeth) place your hands behind you, ehale and lift your hips forward your back will arch.

Coming out of the pose:

The easy way is to walk your hands backward until you are sitting on your heels again.

If your head was dropped back, keep it back while you bring your chest forward and fold into Balasana or child’s  pose.

You can also come back up to standing on your knees.

If your back was back, lift the chest forward, allowing the head to remain dropped back until the shoulders are over the hips. Then bring the head forward and come into child’s pose.

Emotional aspect:

Ustrasana is shattering release of the deepest parts of our psyche. It exposes us once again to our long-forgotten fears. It taps lightly on the front door of our repressed anger chamber. 

 It relinquishes our unexpressed, perhaps self-denied joy and gratitude. It ushers in a powerful cocktail of grief, hope, delight, frustration. 

 (Yes…it sometimes, reminds us to lay off the Nachos and water retention from wine and some other distilled spirits)

My Heart is open to receive the energy of Love”.
” I radiate this essence “.

” I walk my path with Ease and Grace.



Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda.

Courtesy of Semperlee Yoga Corp.

Semperlee Yoga © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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