Vishuddha throat chakra is the fifth primary chakra according to the Hindu tradition of tantra.

 Whether we’re choking on words or choking on breath, our throat gives us immediate feedback as to our emotional state.  

Harnessing our emotions, restrain our will, and choke back expressions of who we are.

I have been posting during the past 2 weeks, brief information regards the most important energy vortices, within our body. 

It has been randomly, without order. 

Done with premeditated mental flexibility, which is one of the virtues, (besides humbleness) I mindfully facilitate through  Semperlee Yoga, when we are on the mat. 

Third Chakra takes longer to explain, no matter how brief one intends. Same as Pranamaya kosha,  posted on September 24, 2016 on this blog (Just Breathe and be the energy you want to attract).

There is still lots of information ( pending to share) such as the last 3 layers of our Kosha system posted on article from August 19,2026, (I am peeling off the many layers of me…to find myself” Understand the human being and the quest for the true self…).

Also two more chakras which haven’t been briefly covered on this blog.

 There will be eventually, a complete and detailed article of all seven chakras (together) with further guidance all the way through Yoga postures.

Just hang in there Yoga or Light Warrior …. and will receive the intention manifested  as reward for your following support to this blog furthermore, your patience. Take to the bank that it’s being worked with nurturing and love. 

Vishuddha Chakra Affirmations:

I open to the universal truth within me.

I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate it with Love and Honor.

My thoughts are positive.

I speak my truth.

I express myself with clarity and confidence.

I create my own reality.

I acknowledge the power of my word to create what I intend.

I speak. with respect and without judgement.

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” 

“Our voice is our music and our throat is the instrument that sends our melodic tone throughout the world”.

“One note of our personal genius at a time. So, speak up and speak out – often and deliberately”. 

“Liberate your soul to your heart’s content”. 

Be quiet no longer!-Wayne Dyer

Different ways to manifest Vishuddha

1.  Open and Align the Vishuddha Chakra:

Tibetan Singing Bowls, rin gongs, Himalayan bowls or suzu gongs) which are a type of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell. 

Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting, and the rim vibrates to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency (first harmonic) and usually two audible harmonic overtones (second and third harmonic).

Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being.
Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being.

Chanting, singing, humming, and reading aloud are wonderful ways to open the fifth chakra. In fact, the mantra sound for this chakra is HUM. 
Two Pranayama exercises that bring heat and stimulate the throat chakra are the Ujjayi breath and the lion’s breath.



Determine Your Highest Truth:

Authentic expression is not something that comes easily. There’s a delicate dance between saying what you mean and staying tactful or diplomatic. Often it’s easier to say what the other person may want to hear instead of speaking your truth. 

Fear of not being accepted, or judgment from the other may hinder your truthful verbal expression. 
When you manifest with diplomacy (as shown above), your thoughts or social writing from a web-blog or network profile during (or after college); you determine your highest truth.

Expressing dreams or visualizations through Art, (above) such as drawing and painting; is another manifestation of Vishuddha Chakra.

Speak and Listen With Compassion

First, ask yourself, “Is what I am about to say true?”
If so, proceed to the second gateway and ask, “Is what I am about to say necessary?”
If the answer is yes, go to the third gateway and ask yourself,
“Is what I am about to say kind?

Last but not least:  

Express your truth…
“None of us wants to be oppressed, therefore, we should not do anything to oppress others”. -Jean La Fontaine



Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda.

*  Dedicated to Jean La Fontaine ( who taught me through 9 months, that the only blind date a woman “knows” will meet the Love of her Life, is called PREGNANCY ).

Courtesy of Semperlee Yoga Corp.

Semperlee Yoga © 2016 All Rights Reserved

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