Chaos In Balance…

We all have something that confines us, that seeks to define us, label us, belittling us in the process, shortchanging our potential.
During Yoga there’s no judgement. The ego stays out of the mat. 
We are there to embrace ourselves without labels. Connecting with the music produced by the sound of our breath. 

Igniting our fire with the strength received from our prana, our life force.

Not only we become physically flexible, we learn how to transfer flexibility to our self treatment, and our relationship with the universe.

We learn to work with intention.

We learn how to be resilient by letting go without attachment, hence we learn to forgive.

When we learn to forgive, rehabilitation begins.

When we rehabilitate, we become to our initial state of health, but stronger than ever, because we adquire wisdom, humbleness, and kindness.

It’s our prerogative to keep ourselves refugees of darkness or instead; to open the gate for a light that will provide redemption, and freedom.


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda.

Semperlee Yoga © 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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