Self Love

When strengthening our bond with God’s divine energy, there will be receptivity to feel compassion and empathy for the pain and struggle of others. 

Our heart chakra is our bridge between our physical matter, psychological and emotional. That’s why is important to maintain track on it.


Refer to the subpage of Chakras beneath Yoga and the Peaceful Warrior in the main menu, where you will be able to deepen knowledge regards your map of energy inside the body with physical and physiological symptoms when there is blocking. 

Now back to our anahata affirmation…

You will be able to develop the willingness to forgive, let go of resentment, and to be able to heal emotionally.
Practice affirmations of love and nurturing repeatedly.

Manifest that you are a child from heaven who came from the divine light. Willing to fulfill your birth’s contract or sacred life purpose. Observe any childhood baggage, (that could be dragging you or hunting with self doubts) as you would to an helium balloon, tempting to be punched.

Feel the bliss?? And if not you must be laughing with a thought, that I lost it. 

That’s fine if you are laughing you are halfway there, because laughing is part of healing.

Now punch that baggage and let it go without attachment. No one, no one will be able to do it for you, so don’t be comfortable get it together and do your job. Take a deep breath 

Punch that baggage ( like a balloon) and let it go.
Now repeat this as a mantra:

I rejoice in the joy, sucess, abundance and good health of myself and others.
“I courageously, effortlessly, and unconditionally, give and receive love.”


Last but not least;

“The answer that you seek is in your heart right now. Be open to giving and receiving love.”  


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda. ( Semperlee Yoga)

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