Hope rises like a Phoenix🦅as such resilience.

Self-love is a bridge towards resilience. However it should go on hand with humility.  

When humbleness becomes missing into our path, we give room to our ego  (edging God outside) expansion (as I tell the yoga practitioners), while facilitating the integration of the class or like we say in the military “our safety briefing”.

 An integration where I try to do my best by sharing that ego will not help us release the need for competition, and resentment. 

That it will drive us to reactivity, furthermore to discomfort with the possible outcome of  accidents  and unnecessary injuries.

As such our shadows strengthen and instead of direct our path towards congruence, we start attracting to ourselves the opposite, we become vulnerable to engage ourselves into the path of incongruence. 

Although our Creator did not want to send difficult life’s lessons (the cruxifixction of his beloved Son would serve as good example) it has been sustained through the World’s history and writings that, he did send humanity the message that “In order to truly appreciate our divine light, we need to embrace darkness.” 

Our divine light comes granted since the moment we are delivered to this life, hence to this World.


The scriptures are clear regards this:

“He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him.” -John 1:10
We do not appreciate it, until we meet ourselves with arrogance, selfishness and hate.  Hence pain, suffering, lack of faith, and hope. We begin to cover ourselves with desolation. 

We deny to embrace and own our shadows, because it is easier to judge others with self projections, it is easier to wage revenge instead of self acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and hence move on towards our life’s purpose.

We deny ourselves the blessings of embracing  “Resiliency” by learning from our catharsis, that there is not eternal sunset, it is in our own hands to delay or accelerate the reward of our sunrise. 

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” -John 1:9

That’s why we are provided by a free will. This  free will that many times pushes us to the edge between congruence and incongruence behavior. 

Without our free will we would never be able to return to our divine light 💫empowered as “Spiritual Warriors”  whom will not hesitate to throw the towel and negotiate any life lessons or  self-resiliency level during any future possibility of “An EGO Ambush with relapsing Warfare.”

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” (The Diary of Anne Frank)

Have a full of abundance Easter Sunday!

Last but not least;

“I have loved thee a long time, Always, I will not forget thee… I have loved thee forever, God has made us one for the other.” -The Book Of Love

#charity#compassion#helping- others#sharing-forgiveness#kindness


Love ⚜️

Glenda L. Santos

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