The Regenerating Miracle Of ❤️ Love.

Love is an infinite regenerating medicine, when you think about your children, you can feel that light, shining into your heart.

 It is a sacred bliss that showers your soul, living no room for negativity to shadow. 

From spiritual perspective, our Creator sent us his infinite love through the active ministry of his Poet Prince, Jesus. 

It does not matter the struggles or tests along the way, is a rehabilitating love able to teach us the virtue of forgiveness. 

It is a love present and grounding by our Mother Earth, energizing like the fire, flowing like the air and refreshing like the water. 

Begin each day with a grateful heart to the love from above, and you will feel and see that effective medicine making miracles to yourself and to your loved ones.



Jazmin Crespo, Humble Military and Yoga Warrior, Business Administration MBA, RRCA Certified Coach and Holistic Practicioner.

You can reach Jazmin Crespo at or (787)464-4876 for her coaching services.

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