How to connect with your higher self.

Have you realized how our divine source shares its beauty through the sunrise?
It is presented through a colorful palette meant to decorate our soul with light and love.

Its infinite expression of unconditional love through our own creation.

A love expressed by the fusion of the Gaia elements. 

Our mother earth.

One of the gifts from our Creator.

Our mother who gives us grounding and protection.

The water element that teaches us how to flow in life.

As well as to transform our words and thoughts when unkind. 

To become frozen like the ice, remaining silent and static. 

That instead of being spoken dissolve as liquid, sustainable to conserve and create life. Not to damage anything

Words like the drops from a sunrise impregnating wisely its Love.

Ignite your soul with the element of the fire like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Enjoy the green rays when nature showers hope and embrace darkness to cleanse the soul.

Nurturing of stones and crystals will be there to support you.

Find that infinite bliss that shields your soul with the medicine of love.

Fill your day with all these and connect with your higher self.

You will find a metamorphosis that will give you the wings to fly.

Spread your wings and begin that journey for your higher.


Jazmin Crespo, Humble Military and Yoga Warrior, Business Administration MBA, RRCA Certified Coach and Holistic Practicioner.

You can reach Jazmin Crespo at or (787)464-4876 for her coaching services.

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