How Yoga and Meditation, Ignited My Resilience…

I have learned in life that there is no absolute truth nor situation. We project our perspectives through our own life circumstances. 
I used to perceive everything black or white, now yoga and meditation have helped me expand my mind. 
My mind has grown and expanded with parallel flexibility that my muscles, bones, tissues and joints have, as such.

The perspective of non existing absolute truth helps us development better judgement.

How do you tell a mother who lost her only child to be joyful and that happiness is a choice? 
 First of all;
She was not provided with another choice.
Even after moving on and faking poise, there is a great sadness in her life. Forever.  
We judge based on subjective perspective and expectations when our own reality might be different.
Our life circumstances are very different than the rest of humanity. Developing flexible thinking or better judgement, allows us to feel the greatness of compassion. 

Compassion towards others but most importantly towards ourselves.
Turn your love into compassion without one track minded tendencies. This can be applied within your personal yoga practice and in life. Within your yoga practice, there are days that you are not able to accomplish a certain pose and this is ok. 

And suddenly out of the blue you can get yourself into that pose, you had thought was impossible. Think about your limits and honor them and at the same time expand your vision and look towards what you can accomplish with a daily yoga and meditation practice. 

Focus on you. Commit to self improvement as well as with your yoga practice. Others will be impacted. To help you achieve this, walk your talk with actions based on love.

Breathe, envisioning that your reality is different from others and be compassionate towards them. Turn that compassion towards self love and others. 

This will help break the wall towards Soul’s healing and others.Work through the affirmation; I envision a world of healed souls sharing our light of love and compassion”.


Ana Diaz-Rivera, RYT- 200, Anahata Yoga founder, Marketing MBA 

Anahata Yoga

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