Acta Non Verba During Resilience…

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not at words. Breathe and trust your movement. Train yourself to let go everything  you are afraid to lose.

Nothing last forever. Love without attachment at home, at work, actually wherever you go. 

When we develop an attachment that activates our EGO, we become vulnerable to an EGO imbalance (Edging God Outside), hence vulnerable to the shadows. We fail by being unable to become emphatic, when required.

Act don’t talk, do the effort by working with affirmations and visualizing how wonderful you are, connect with your light within. You are light, keep that into your mind.

1.  Meditation and prayers are a great source to embrace this process.

2.  Practice sports any that you feel connection with. You must like what you are doing in order to persevere and sucess.

3.  Practice  breathing techniques (Pranayamas), will improve your breath control by helping you to develop resilience skills to cope with emotional struggles and eventually will improve your physical’s body health. Resilience brings no relapsing.

Remember that “Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement, only movement.” -Alfred Adler

with light ⚜️


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