Do you lose your keys for an hour and later find it in front of your face? It’s time to get grounded 🌎

My part as yoga teacher is facilitating sequences with more standing poses, such as Sun Salutation ( Surya Namaskar) Dancing Warriors (Virabhadrasanas) Vinyasa and different variations of Triangle (Trikonasana) poses.

Also balance postures such as Tree pose (Vrksasasana), (Eagle pose (Garudasana) and Half moon pose ( Ardha Chandrasana) provide faster grounding.

Essential oils can not be forgotten, due to their fast impact to our limbic system.

The following Dōterra essential oils are my best friends when facilitating grounding to yoga practitioners and you can find them by clicking at the OPN Essential Oils from this blog’s menu, where there is a link directing to Dōterra’s Wellness Advocate page.


Balance blend





Last but not least;

“The Earth 🌏 has music 🎶 for those who listen.”

With love and light Glenda L. Santos

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