How To Set Yourself Up For The Long Haul…

It is so easy to leave our decisions to others and as such, the blame for self inflicted circumstances when unplanned events occur.

To crumble into a pile of rubble, fade and sob.

I hear common things frequently such as:

“I lost my father.”

” My family moved away.”

” My best friend has been stricken by illness.”

” I broke my leg and have been temporarily home bound (unfit for duty).”

We all have had or are currently dealing with some type of situation that make us look around in order to find hope in every new breath.

How do we take massive corrective action?

Nothing major…

Take baby steps, they work just fine.

It is the momentum of forward consistent progress what you should be aiming for.

• Set yourself for the long haul, with deep roots.

As there will be tempests along the way; be ready and willing to be receptive. Discomfort might be undergoing, (which is understandable), but do not allow it to overcome your foundation or roots.

• Embracing yoga and mindful meditation are examples of effective supportive tools from which you can plan ahead with.

I remember this movie of a boy… Every Sunday went to church with his mother, while his father went fishing.

One Sunday the boy said ” Dad, I want to go to your church.”

The boy went with his father fishing. They spooled the rod, stood all day in the lake.

Didn’t speak…

Didn’t catch anything…

And the boy said that he had never felt closer to his father.

Sometimes the only ten minutes you can set away for yourself can be when walking your dog, cooking (before the kids come home) and even a midnight jog.

Desist of turning on the TV at home in the morning or your car radio on the way to work. We create resilience at our own pace and in a way that will work for us.

Along your journey to achieve inner peace we sometimes forget the individuality of our persona.

If you want to make a change happen so to speak, it can happen; yet only by the power of our hand.

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