Aim High,” Cross into the Blue.

May these nine souls rest in peace and cross over to our Headquarters in Heaven; So they can continue their mission of service to humanity.

Dear heavenly Father, please allow these brothers in arms into your heavenly task force.

Within the angelic realm, let them serve helping through celestial support to awaken the Christ Consciousness on our planet.

Allow them to encompass our planet with your halo of divine and sacred light.

Shield their families in grief, with your protection and cover them with a blanket of sacred light.

Two days ago, Puerto Rico National Guard, had a tragedy after losing nine airmen members when a military C-130 aircraft, crashed on Highway 21 in Port Wentworth close to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.

The airmen who lost their lives were Maj. José R. Román Rosado, who was piloting the aircraft at the time of the crash, Maj. Carlos Pérez Serra, who was in charge of navigating, co-pilot 1st Lt. David Albandoz, the aircraft’s mechanic, Senior Master Sgt. Jan Paravisini, and Master Sgt.  Mario Braña, who was the fight engineer.

Master Sgt. Jean Audriffred, Master Sgt. Víctor Colón, Senior Airman Roberto Espada, and Master Sgt. Eric Circuns.

This is a very sad moment for the United States Armed Forces and Puerto Rico.

Furthermore when still on the restoration process after category 5, hurricane “Maria”, made landfall on our island last year on September 20th.

We are like a family within the Puerto Rico National Guard and will be in gratitude to your prayers in order to help these nine souls rest in peace and for these nine families to become resilient after so much emotional pain.

Later, after the tragedy we honored them with a yoga class. You can watch the video by clicking on below link.

Last but not least;

Aim High,” Cross into the Blue.”

We honor these nine heroes, who worked so hard, during many long days, (last year) bringing food and water to Puerto Rico, also who swore (like myself) to protect the United States flag against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Who also served proudly (to our country) during military air combat.

Uno Ab Alto “One from on high” (Air Force)

Semper fortis “Always strong” (Navy)

Semper fidelis “Always faith” (Marines)

Semper paratus “Always Ready” (Coast Guard)

Semper primus “Always first” (Army)

There are many more slogans within the US Armed Forces Branches, the synthesis here is that no matter the world’s circumstances “WE ARE ONE, not only within the military, also within this planet, because we are brothers and sisters in the divine light of our 🕊 CREATOR 🙏🏻



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