Find Your Inner Voice… is a gift from Heaven.

There is more spiritual support around you than what you realize.

There is a little voice that comes to you, it should feel peaceful, not harassing or threatening. Actually a type of inner knowing with support providing you options during moments of doubts, which is called your guardian angel.

Everybody has a guardian angel assigned at the moment of childbirth.

Is energetic, you cannot see that source of wisdom and light during adversity providing tools to activate your inner resiliency.

Just as it happened to Jesus at the cross and to Mary Magdalene when finding her Master’s empty tomb.

She was enlightened by her Master’s resilience or resurrection.

Your guardian angel is there for you

pray to him or her, you are his mission.

There is no doubt that every reference to angels in Scripture is in the masculine gender.

The Greek word for “angel” in the New Testament, angelos, is in the masculine form.

Actually, a female form of angelos does not exist.

Angels are never referred to in any gender other than masculine.

In the many appearances of angels in the Bible, never is an angel referred to as “she” or “it.”

Based on Genesis 18:2, 16; Ezekiel 9:2, references to Angels their appearances were dressed like human males.

No angel ever appears in Scripture dressed as a female.

Not even Gabriel, with the motherly oriented behavior, compassion and unconditional love towards humanity.

The only named angels in the Bible—Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer and had male names and all are referred to in the masculine.

Bible references:

Michael and his angels” Revelation 12:7.”

Mary was greatly troubled at his (Gabriel’s)words “Luke 1:29.”

Oh, Lucifer, son of the morning “Isaiah 14:12.”

I believe that how it feels to you male or female when connecting through meditation or prayer, is an individual’s ultimate decision.

As long as it feels right to your higher self.

Guardian Angels work through your intuition.

That is why sometimes we are about to do something, and if our actions are not in alignment with our thoughts or feeling funny about if that decision might not be for the benefit of our higher self, our ego prevails by stubbornness at the end we might regret not listening and even had not hesitated.

At the end it was your guardian angel trying to protect you through the divine light of wisdom and right judgment execution of our actions.

When not listening to your inner voice and instead proceeding the guardian angel will not intervine.

Guardian angels or the Angelic realm are not authorized to act against humans’ free will, hence if you decide to stop at midnight to withdraw cash from an ATM machine at a dark place without security and become a victim of robbery or carjacking having as consequence physical or mental injury, keep in mind that it was your free will’s final decision to be the target for the attack and as such.

Last but not least;

Meditate or pray because,

“Angels speak to those who silence their minds to hear.”

As such, below I am sharing a praying that could help when feeling overwhelmed physically or emotionally.

Dear Guardia Angel,

Thank you for taking care of me during my whole life.

Please remove all negative entities from me now, cutting all cords between me and them.

Please remove them from all the Earth planes where possible, taking them elsewhere in the Universe where they may better fit.

Cut all cords between them and all who are on Earth.

When possible, please take them to the Temple Of Light where they can be brought back into the light.

So it is, Amen 🙏🏼

With love and always from the light


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; CAI; CAHP; CCR; CCHP; CACR; SGC; MRT.

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