Painting your voice to be heard.

Hey there if you are reading this article is because you are a reader… Obviously!

There is a considerable amount of people unable to express their feelings, furthermore within the military community. An environment full of structure and automative (flight and fight) oriented behavior.

As such without the daily required stimulation blockages begin to create at several areas of our energetic system, which is ruled by our seven main chakras.

A fact that will impact our ability to verbally communicate, to develop and keep emphatic behavior, to forgive and let go, to develop and transfer physical body flexibility towards our wisdom, hence right judgement and ultimately to see the unseen and keep us living into faith and quote not hope.

When faith is kept you are able to reconnect to your Supreme Source of light and creativity flows as result.

When creativity flows you become able to change perspective to even express and display gratitude for those moments of adversity during life which are meant to become your best teachers.

So how to you begin painting your voice?

Journaling is the answer.

Have a journal at the night stand. In your cell phone’s notes or anywhere you might feel the urge to write.

What will you write?

That is a very personal choice but there must be an intention.

A mindset that will keep you focused.

Is a great idea to begin with your feelings.

And even if the people around you ever share a concern of you acting like a grinch or dried lemon, write them a beautiful note of what that person means to you….

Express gratitude even for any of their concerns that motivated you to unblock your fifth chakra ( ruler of communication skills), and made you speak up.

Now let’s move to reading, and this goes specially to the military community.

“The world is not moving its matter on its edge far and away from the moon and sun, based on army regulations or field manuals.”

There is so much to learn outside the box, so much to read and allow your mind and heart to grow instead of freeze like an iceberg and when the time of integrating yourself back to the civilian community (after retirement) shows at the door, there will be a full amount of options for you to combine both experiences and share your light.

For instance in order to easily flow into transition, it is important to read about everything.

When you read, it allows your mind to live into different dimensions of understanding.

You can visit different places, meet different characters of people and choose to have different lives, which is the key of activating your creativity and balance in other areas of life. Moreover during moments of adversity.

Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.

Becoming a reader is becoming a thinker, an observer, a living Soul who wants more out of this human experience.

Once you learn and enjoy reading you will ever be free and your creativity will boost your communication skills allowing you to paint your voice in writing.

Also reading should never be presented to children as a shore, a duty, it should be presented as a gift.

Last but not least;

“If you don’t see the book you want at the shelf… WRITE it!

With Love and Light,


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; CAI; CAHP; CCR; CCHP; CACR; SGC; MRT.

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