The Blend Of Beauty And Brains.






As a woman I have no country.

As a woman I know no country.

As a woman my country is the whole world.

A woman is a blend of beauty and brains who can put everything together and pull it off in a blink of an eye.

A woman nurtures new life within her being and is the bridge for that Soul to incarnate and fulfill his or her life’s purpose.

A woman deserves respect and consideration to keep blooming and encourage everyone else to blossom.

Semperlee Yoga wishes you a safe and happy International Women’s Day!

How to Stimulate Your Christmas CHI

Where there is Love, there is Life…

Where there is Chi, there is Prana…

Chi is the energy flow through which our brain communicates with a skeleton of 206 bones and more than 600 muscles, as such to stimulate a human being’s performance.

Without this anatomy’s scenario there would not be the outcome of positive or negative charges of electricity that had been produced across our membranes when atoms switch charges.

In other words energy is our main Life Force.

Yoga allows this wonderful manifestation of energy through our body, furthermore when is a great resource to promote conscious breathing by different pranayama’s exercises encouraged through different yoga’s sequences.

The soft bone marrow inside many of our bones is where most of the blood cells flowing through our bodies are made.

The bone marrow contains stem cells, which produce the body’s red blood cells and platelets, and some types of white blood cells.

Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body’s tissues, and platelets help with blood clotting when there is a cut or wound.

White blood cells help the body to fight infection.

Now let’s review our Life Force (Prana);

 As mentioned above, if we think about the sheltering role that our tissues provide to our bones, in addition that inside our bones there is growing and regeneration of the soft bone marrow, (which function is to produce our red and some white blood cells), imagine what would happen if our red blood cells wouldn’t be able to carry the best quality of OXYGEN to our tissues and platelets. 

Our inmune system (by default), would directly suffer collateral damage.

Indeed, we would become vulnerable to the development of physical injuries and even mental disorders.

Mental disorders have been associated to spiritual (not religious) blockages and as such may end up manifesting through physical injuries.

At present Psychiatric resident students are required to take spiritual education for that reason.

There is a type of spiritual power you can co-create which benefits and protects you while mutually empowering others to take their journey and experience Divine success.

The spiritual power which is no other fact than “Good Will” is generated by how you feel inside influenced by the attitude you cultivate towards others. When you know you have value (and this is important) is it easy to recognize the value in another.

When your fuel is encouraged by the Universe it is easy to encourage others. As you put out support, encouragement and good will for the success of all beings, this energy is amplified and returned to you.

I encourage you to love yourself a little more and consider to your new 2019 “Bucket List” embracing a first yoga class.

You will never regret and forget that experience.

True love is not found, it is built just like the best version of ourselves…

Last but not least;

“May all hearts be uplifted by the generous grace of Good Will. May Divine success inclusive of all living beings, unfold through this intervention power up joy of unconditional love…

love wins, love will always win through Divine Love and our own free will.”

with love and always from the light.


Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; CAI; CAHP; CCR; CCHP; CACR; SGC; MRT.

Find The Best Christmas Gift…

Born at a humble stable…

There was a king who brought us faith towards the unseen.

Who became teacher that taught how to open our hearts for self love and to love humanity.

Who taught lessons of how to defeat the darkness working through the EGO.

Who taught how to transmute pain into healing and resilience.

Who awaken consciousness within the chamber of our hearts about how to align emotions and actions through sound judgement.

Who shared his humility leaving a legacy of wisdom for rising.

Who brought spiritual courage in order to face our shadows and defeat them without judgement.

Who shared the healing power of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love to ourselves and humanity.

Besides any holiday’s last minute shopping or preparation to an evening of celebration, dedicate at least a minute to think the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is a beautiful prayer to make for Christmas day, if you would like to.

With love and gratitude Semperlee wishes you a blissful Merry Christmas.



Glenda Lee Santos; Humble Military and Yoga Warrior; RYT-200 hrs; Criminal Justice, BA; Holistic Practitioner with Foundation in Yoga and Ayurveda; CAI; CAHP; CCR; CCHP; CACR; SGC; MRT.